A Literary Zombie Rampage: Excerpts from the Short Stories in BEACH BLANKET ZOMBIE

A Literary Zombie Rampage: Excerpts from the Short Stories in BEACH BLANKET ZOMBIE

Her arms and legs became chitinous and angular, with tentacle groupings where her hands and feet used to be. Her body slimmed into a scaly, segmented greenish-blue cylinder. Her head grew wider at the top and her eyes became enormous and multifaceted. Veined, diaphanous wings sprouted from her upper back. She was becoming an insect-like creature with a streamlined mix of humanoid and aquatic traits.

–From “Tell Your Secrets to the Slime”


The nurse turned and moved his meal tray to the nightstand. She leaned over him and felt his jawline and forehead with her cold hands. Never before had Gumm been this close to her. Her flesh did not appear to have pores. A faint, foul current of air issued from her nostrils.

She touched the lower lid of his right eye and tried to push it down. Gumm shook his head a bit. She tried the left eye next, but he slapped her hand away.

“I’m not a puppet,” he said. “I demand to be treated with respect.” He stared up into her shiny face with defiance. Then he saw the shadowed gaps between her eyeballs and their lids, and he gasped.

The nurse spun away from him. “With or without respect, you shall be treated,” she said. She stood completely still for a moment, thinking or perhaps waiting for a comment, before leaving the room.

Gumm’s heart pounded so fiercely that it pained him. So the nurse wore a mask. Was she ugly? But why did she turn away from him to speak? Perhaps she had a facial deformity, and her mouth didn’t move well with the mask. Or perhaps her mouth didn’t move at all.

–From the story “Hello! My Name is Halja”


It is evening now. I am writing this by candlelight on the balcony. The tiny flame dazzles me with its brilliance. I can sense the earth spinning beneath me – and so much more. The gyrating planets hum with mindless, majestic power. I delight to the frenzied music of all-consuming supernovas. The titan whirl of our galaxy has me dizzy with insatiable desire.

–From “Feel The Spin”

Three virus-monkeys began to twist on Clifford’s head, while the other three did the same with Irving’s. At last they had the heads twisted all the way around, and then they propped up the bodies so the faces were aimed toward the computer screen. Again, green lightning-bolts shot out of the eyes in the word SOON and struck the basement boys – one hit Clifford in the right eye, while the other hit Irving in the left. These bolts, however, did not finish in a split-second, like the first ones. The new bolts continued for more than a minute, charging the bodies with evil energy until they glowed lime-green.

–From “Cyber-Vengeance of the Internet Witches: A Cautionary Tale”


The doctor began to cry. “My people come out of eggs. Sometimes I feel like my brain is an egg and it will crack because I worry so much. I wish I was as strong as Letitia. She’s mean but that excites me. I must be sick in the head, to be excited by someone so mean, so smart but so cruel, someone who wouldn’t mind killing me and cooking me for her dinner.”

From the story “Tell Your Secrets To The Slime”


The Babel-womb continuously sprouts monsters-in-pain: the living tears of the glorious Expressionist Aphrodite. Fantastic creatures with…with just everything: hundreds of knowing eyes…swollen sex organs blossoming like giddy flowers…wagging tongues and bell-like ears and dripping, snuffling noses…sensuous hands with dozens of soft fingers. Experience nourishes them, and reality twists to accommodate their passage.

From the story “Tears of the Expressionist Aphrodite”


Lord Paxton was crouched on the stairs at her feet, eating a red object shaped much like an apple, except larger and not as firm. Dried spiders rained from his eye sockets as he stood up. He ran a bloodied claw gently over her face. She struggled as the creature sought to embrace her….

From the story “Pretty-Boy”

Those are just a few of the many stories in this collection. Don’t let the colorful cover fool you … BEACH BLANKET ZOMBIE is filled with darkness and horror … and the sort of grim humor that makes skeletons grin. Available for Kindle or as a big meaty paperback:


Big meaty paperback!

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