Organic VS. Toxic VS. Supernatural Zombies

People ask: What would we do if zombies started rising up? How would we defeat them?

Having written a couple zombie books (the latest being Beach Blanket Zombie: Weird Tales of the Undead and Other Humanoid Horrors), I’ve had to do some research on this matter, and here are my conclusions:

It must first be determined if the zombie is organic (animated by disease, alien parasites, or some other force of nature), toxic (energized by chemicals or some form of radioactivity), or supernatural (brought to life by inhuman, perhaps demonic powers).

If it’s organic, it will eventually rot away, develop freezer-burn in cold weather, or be devoured by pests.

If it’s toxic, it will probably have incredible strength, but there’s no telling whether it will last for years or suddenly burst into a mini-mushroom cloud. You will need to enlist the aid of scientists — you probably wouldn’t have the necessary equipment on hand to deal with it. The scientists might be able to drain off some of the zombie’s power.

If it’s supernatural, the forces of darkness will keep it energized. And, that would be a much more difficult foe to defeat. You may need the assistance of the clergy.

To review: Organic zombies will eventually decay and run out of juice. Toxic zombies have an unstable structure and so, are highly unpredictable and potentially explosive. Supernatural zombies will keep on going and going, since they have an external source to energize them. And, the means of killing any of these zombies would depend on its origins.

If it’s an organic zombie, shooting it in the head, as popularized in so many zombie movies, would probably lay it to rest. But what about a toxic zombie? A bullet might kill the zombie — or enrage it — or make it explode. As for a supernatural zombie: The boundless powers of darkness might heal up a bullet wound within seconds. Fire or holy water could work better against a supernatural zombie.

As with any problem, the solution lies in preparing yourself for any contingency. If you really think the zombies are coming, you’d better stock up on enough wares and resources to defeat any kind — organic, toxic or supernatural.

About bmoviemonster

Mark McLaughlin is the author of the novels, HUMAN DOLL, THE HELL NEXT DOOR, and INJECTABLES. His fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared in more than one-thousand magazines, newspapers, websites, and anthologies, including Cemetery Dance, Black Gate, Galaxy, Fangoria, Writer’s Digest, Midnight Premiere, Dark Arts, and two volumes each of The Best of the Rest, The Best of HorrorFind, and The Year’s Best Horror Stories (DAW Books). He is the author of many books of horror, so be sure to visit his Amazon Author's Page at
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