New Kindle/Paperback: THE SPIDERWEB TREE

by Mark McLaughlin. 99 cents to buy on Kindle. Available as a paperback or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

In a distant forest near a swamp stood a dead oak tree filled with spiderwebs and inhabited by countless spiders. Among the tree’s branches sat a silver-eyed magic man, who played a major role in the personal evolution of the Wicked Queen. The 18 Spiderweb Tree stories in this collection are twisted retellings of classic fairy tales and folklore, so they are not for kids. These stories include “Hansel & Gristle,” “The Shoemaker’s Unpaid Interns,” “The Secret Last Name Of The Psychic Alchemist,” “Horror House Of Thumb,” “The Musical Rat-Catcher,” “Little Big-Nosed Woodenhead,” “The Tabby Who Enjoyed Wearing Shoes,” and many more.

This collection includes five more tales  The Lady With Little Friends In Her Hair And Other Urban Legends. An urban legend is part of a modern brand of folklore, in which tales are circulated as true, and they often reflect the perils and anxieties found in society. The urban legends found here include “The Kid Whose Pet Wasn’t Really A Dog,” “The Guy Who Never Left The Mall,” “The Woman Who Found A Surprise In Her Pop Can,” and more.


About bmoviemonster

Mark McLaughlin is the author of the novels, HUMAN DOLL, THE HELL NEXT DOOR, and INJECTABLES. His fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared in many magazines, newspapers, websites, and anthologies, including Cemetery Dance, Black Gate, Galaxy, Fangoria, Writer’s Digest, Midnight Premiere, Dark Arts, and two volumes each of The Best of the Rest, The Best of HorrorFind, and The Year’s Best Horror Stories (DAW Books). Mark is the author of many books of horror, so be sure to visit his Amazon Author's Page at
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